About Geesche Arning

Expressive freedom, a couple of walks without a destination, clear thoughts and the unnumerable joy of one's own abilities and voice. Geesche Arning opts for a personal approach and prefers to trust her talents and passions instead of bowing to pragmatism and logic. What else could she do?

Her talent for drawing was already noticeable as a child, as a teenager she made jewelry that became very popular with her schoolmates and even sewed her own clothes. That was the path that chose her.

During her Design/Fine Arts studies in Maastricht, her lecturers suggested that she focus on "fashion", which led her via FIA Arnhem to the legendary Fashion Institute at London's Central Saint Martins, and yet there she felt far more attracted to the creative openness and intellectual challenges posed by Architecture Department of the Architectural Association than by the fashion studies, which had long since attempt to educate her to market-driven conformity, and which she nevertheless completed with a Master's degree. In Paris, she puts together fashion shows and yet is fascinated above all by the creative enclave of Comme des Garcons. In Aachen she works at the Institute for Textile Application and finds her way back to freelance work in Cologne with Heimat (fashion boutique) and Paris.

"Here I have become one again with my creative origins," comments Geesche Arning on that self-knowledge, leading her into the art world with photographs, graphics and self-knitted textiles works and carpets - and finds a place in the Norbert Arns Gallery, a space thrilled to engage with Arning's experimental works. In addition to the joy of thinking and doing, walks have remained a constant in her life. During these walks she comes across small things here and there, which she captures photographically to recreate them on a three-dimensional level as jewelry pieces. Freedom has become her foundation; she focused her eye on the peculiarities that most of us often cast aside and she prefers the subtle movements of an afternoon walk to the big theatricalities of a big stage.

BODYPOEM shows her exquisite jewelry designs. Handmade and unique, they cross the line between art and design. Precious gemstones and exquisite materials are combined for a celebration of the poetic energy of the world, hidden in the small yet beautiful things around us.

Geesche Arning mainly works on fine artist pieces. Jewlery can be viewed by appointment at her Studio space.

Special editions are available at

Heimat Boutique
Mauritiuswall 76-78
50676 Köln

and can be followed on instagram bodypoemsqnce_studio_ .